Project 3 Week 2/4: Narrowing down

GOAL: Picking my favorite language learning activities

This week I decided to work in two sessions of about 2 hours. This was a lot more effective than trying to work an hour each day. It’s hard to get started on it each weekday, especially since my daily schedule is never the same. However, I am getting daily Spanish exposure outside of my tech learning studio time through music and playing video games in Spanish. The video game I am playing most is Animal Crossing: New Horizons, which features a huge amount of casual dialogue and vocabulary. I feel like I’m learning a lot about conversations and phrasing by working through the dialogue of the characters. Originally I would start my game up in English and switch to Spanish later, but I’m now just playing the game in Spanish exclusively. The game features a letter-writing mechanic, so I also try to write most of my letters in Spanish as well. It’s a fun, short-form version of journaling.

The music I’m enjoying a lot right now is Natalia Lafourcade’s Musas albums. They’re wonderful albums; the music is beautiful and incredibly relaxing, perfect for listening to while making breakfast or reading on the porch. The albums are also great for listening as a beginner Spanish learner. On a more personal note, during the semester I usually sing as part of a choir, which of course has been cancelled for social distancing. I’m enjoying listening to the music, listening for the lyrics, then looking them up and learning and singing the songs. It’s not the same as practicing pronunciation in conversation, of course, but it’s been a lot of fun for me and I think good for learning. A favorite band of mine for a while now has been the very popular Café Tacuba, but their music is lyrically harder to work with as a beginner.

I’ve found that the TV activity isn’t as helpful as I thought since what it turns into is me trying to Google Translate words I don’t know every 30 seconds or so. (Club de Cuervos has been pretty interesting though, I’ll definitely continue it in the future.)

Now out of the original set of activities, the ones I find myself returning to most are: working through music and lyrics, journaling, speaking with Cosme on occasion, and most of all working on my Language Transfer course. These activities still cover the breadth of my original intent and are the ones I’ll be keeping up for the rest of the project.

I really enjoy the Language Transfer class, but I think I’ll save my thoughts on that for when I wrap it up. I’d like to set a rough goal of finishing the Language Transfer class by next week! Then I can focus on speaking to achieve my final goal, holding more confident and competent conversation in Spanish.

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