Project 3 Week 1/4: Getting started

GOAL: Try out new Spanish plans!

In theme with my usual reflections on productivity and planning, I’ve found that my method is harder to do than I thought. Given that we’re all working from home during the pandemic, I figured it would be a good opportunity to split up my 5-hour sessions into daily 1-hour sessions. This is challenging because my schedule is never consistent due to work expectations and it’s hard to make the time for my planned activities every day. I do get daily practice through playing Animal Crossing in Spanish, but I haven’t done my activities consistently every day. I’ve decided, then, to go back to doing a 5-hour session whenever it works best in my week, starting this week.

I also am deciding to not “test” myself through conversation each week, or do the “read aloud” exercise. It just doesn’t work too well. Weekly is too often to really see noticable results, and the “read aloud” exercise is hard to do without knowing if I’m right or wrong. Instead, I’m prioritizing my Language Transfer class, which will help me with speaking.

So far so good in all other accounts, though! After two projects about coding, it’s nice to work on something that doesn’t require extensive set-up. And while I’m teaching myself independently, I do have to admit that it’s helpful to have an expert on the subject to reach out to if I don’t understand something. Despite being an expert as a native speaker, he’s not an expert as a language instructor, so some questions (like specific grammar differences between Spanish and English) are easier to take to other resources. Still, talking with him about Spanish is fun and makes the learning process more enjoyable.

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