Project 2 Week 1/4: Time to process some language

GOAL: Start the LinkedIn Learning course for NLP!

Oops, I’m doing a completely different thing! It’s natural language processing time. I wanted to work on my TAZ project, and after talking it through I realized introducing NLP into my scraping will help my data set be much more reliable!

As I learned last project, LinkedIn Learning is really helpful for starting a brand new technology. That extra level of guidance is important for something I’ve never worked on before. While I’ve used Python for the TAZ script, I want to improve and supplement it. NLP is new enough for me that I think I need course guidance before I jump in.

My plan is as follows:

Week 1: Start the LinkedIn Learning NLP course

Week 2: Continue/finish the NLP course

Week 3: Finish NLP course if needed and plan how to incorporate NLP into my script

Week 4: Improve my script

I’ve spent a while today clearing out my computer to make room for the downloads the course uses and then installing the correct version of Python for NLTK. I had some difficulties with running locally, so I decided to run through a notebook on Google Colab instead; I just had to make sure that I was importing the exercise files at the start of each notebook. It’s been working really well so far! Hoping I don’t run into any difficulties there.

Otherwise, I’m just going through the course now. I’m also learning more about pandas by working through this, which is nice. So far I have the exact amount of previous Python knowledge needed for this course. It’s at a good pace for my skill level and I feel like I’m understanding everything being said.

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